Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Flip Flaps Give You More Space on Your Page

Close To My Heart's Brand New 12" Flip Flaps give you so much more space to work with. These 12" pockets adhere to your page using the adhesive strip on the flap. This page shows the Flip Flap open, exposing the normally hidden journally and the extra photo. When the Flip Flap is closed, the Title appears (see picture below).

12" Flip Flaps Give You More Creative Options!

Here the Flip Flap is closed showing the page title. This essentially gives me 4 more inches on my page to add just a little bit more scrapbooking without creating another 2 page layout!
12" Flip Flaps are available starting September 1: Item number Z1325, Memory Protectors Flip Flaps (8 per package: 4 - 6"x12", 2 - 4" x 12" and 2 - 8" x 12") for ONLY $3.95!